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Kirishima is a first-year student, and because his school places a lot of emphasis on being active in clubs, he needs to join a club quickly. Kirishima didn't want to do anything. He was trying to figure out where he should join when suddenly teacher Hatano appeared. Kirishima immediately fell in love at first sight. Ms. Hatano invited him to join the swimming club, where she was working as a counselor. Because he wanted to approach the teacher, Kirishima immediately agreed. The club also only had Ms. Hatano, so the two of them had private time at the pool together. Ms. Hatano started instructing him to clean the swimming pool. Unfortunately, water was sprayed on him, causing his underwear to be exposed. Kirishima couldn't take his eyes off the teacher's seductive figure. But he also noticed that Ms. Hatano was wearing a wedding ring. Too disappointed, the following days he stopped going to the swimming pool. Seeing this, the teacher came to the classroom to find Kirishima and forced him to go to the swimming pool to be punished. Looking at the teacher in a swimsuit made Kirishima unable to control himself anymore. He rushed in to invade her body. In fact, Ms. Hatano had not had sex with her husband for a long time, so when Kirishima brought her to orgasm over and over again, she was gradually conquered by him. And the wrong relationship between the two started from there.

JUQ-237 Handsome male student secretly flirts with the swimming teacher
JUQ-237 Handsome male student secretly flirts with the swimming teacher
 Movie Code: JUQ-237 
 Actor: Yui Hatano 
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