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Sarina Takeuchi plays a tourist traveling in America and meets a "nice" black guy. She is quickly captivated when she sees the tall, muscular body of her new friend. As someone who often comes into contact with men's penises, Takeuchi knows how big a "gun" that man has, and she is easily "subdued" by him. After having sex on the beach, female tourist Takeuchi continued to go with her new friend to his home, where they continued to have sex one more time. Takeuchi didn't expect that when he got tired of fucking her, that bastard invited his friends to play some with her... Luckily, after "playing" with Takeuchi, the black Americans let her go home. , they left without saying goodbye.

BDD-22 Happy summer vacation
BDD-22 Happy summer vacation
 Movie Code: BDD-22 
 Actor: Sarina Takeuchi 
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