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A guy is overjoyed to see his mother's best friend Iori, whom he had a crush on when he was a boy. His mother worked as a massage therapist, so she helped Iori relax while traveling on a long trip to visit friends. At this time the guy peeked at Ms. Iori taking a shower and this was discovered by her. Understanding the wish of his best friend's son, Iori sat on the chair and spoke gently to him. Then the desired lovemaking happened because Iori was feeling lonely and wanted to fill the void. Mom's friend is delicious and erotic, those are the masterpieces bestowed on teenage boys.

Secret love for Iori Nanase's mother's friend
Secret love for Iori Nanase's mother's friend
 Quick Link: phim2.vietset.com/2647 
 Actor: Iori Nanase 
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