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ADN-126 Revenge Rape A Woman Has Been The Fallen In The Pot. The film tells the story of Ayaka Tomoda, a beautiful and talented female reporter who has a loving and pampered husband. However, she has a not so good past with her best friend, her current husband is her ex-friend's boyfriend. If it weren't for Tomoda's appearance, her friend and her husband would surely be happy together now. Because of this, to this day Tomoda often feels pain in his heart every time he sees his best friend again. As for the other girl, since her best friend stole her lover, she has become more sinister than ever. Witnessing her ex-lover die hand in hand with her best friend, her blood boiled again and she went out to find a way to avenge this hatred...

ADN-126 Unlucky female spy
ADN-126 Unlucky female spy
 Movie Code: ADN-126 
 Actor: Ayaka Tomoda 
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