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Liz Jordan's father recently married Lexi Luna. Lexi and Liz get along so well, almost too well. One of Liz's dad's friends, Ryan Driller, came to stay with the new family. Liz has always cared for Ryan, but now that she's grown up, she wants his children. Lexi likes that because it would make her a GILF. They come up with a plan to get into Ryan's pants. The girls sat on the sofa, facing each other. When Ryan starts asking questions about where Liz's dad is, Lexi offers to get him some water. She accidentally spilled it all over him, especially on his crotch.

Fucking my newlywed wife's daughter
Fucking my newlywed wife's daughter
 Quick Link: phim2.vietset.com/803 
 Actor: Lexi Luna Liz Jordan 
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